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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Yong Hwa dapet award

Yongseo couple,, yong hwa dan seo hyun di we got married2.. ini sejenis show yang menyatukan dua orang dalam hubungan virtual,, (pura-pura menikah) akhirnya jung yong hwa dapet popularity awards dari show ini...

Awards for KHJ

KHJ menang Yahoo buzz...!!! happy,,,

trus menang MBC awards.. popularity award Yeah yeah

Dream High - 1st step to know


Dalam film ini, berkumpullah para Kpop singer n crew2 nya.. sepertinya nitizen sudah mulai melirik penuh ke dunia Kpop ini...

Mana filmnya berkutat seputar seni,, jadi yah cocoklah...


KHJ jadi cameo juga lho di film ini,,, 3 JAnuari nanti mari kita tunggu bersama-sama

Taecyon - yang maen di cinderella step sister

SBS GOOD morning special SuJu


what do you think about that,,,
If you ask me,, i would answer Dance,,eun hyuk,,lee teuk,,habdsome,, etc..

last morning i bought a SBS Super junior Good Morning,,, that was a talkshow with SuJu..
i knew many new things...
- Lee teuk, the leader,, is a cute handsome boy,, he is the oldest person of the group.. and hava a high sense of humor..
Watch this video.. This video was taken at SBS MBC awards this december 2010.. (if i'm not mistaken) Look at Hee Chul (black sunglasses) and Lee Teuk (blonde hair with black earings) See the video

- Kyuhyun is the youngest one

- Eun Hyuk can speak Thai

- Shiwon's style is just like a hollywood artist.. from the way he sits,, smiling to other people n etc,, and all SuJu members agree that he is the one who always doing everything like act in movies..

- Donghae,, King of Tears,,

Super Show is a SuJu's name for the concert... There will be SUper show 3 in 2011.. Asian fans,, prepare yourself..

My Regret

It's a long time since my last posting...

I think that i just like the laziest person in the world.. I'm sorry have done this,, it's beacause i was too busy,,, i just read other people blog, get some information there, without fullfiling my blog,, i don't have much time anymore write in my blog,, ough,, this year i may concerns more about my college.. (So, how your blog can get exist, Miin ah????)kekeke

But just like what Oh Ha Ni's grandma said that have fun living,,, (*Playfull Kss)
aahh,, i agree with that.. just like Seung Jo does,,

aah,, back to the topic..
Now the year 2011 has come,,
I must re-arrange my schedule,,, not being like this anymore,,, i wanna make a change in my life,, as the time goes by,, we become elder and elder from before,, so we must workhard in our young age, so that our time is usefull n not regret that in the future,,,

I don't know when it started,, but now i really addicted with everything bout Korea...
if i walk down the street,, my eys can't stop seeing Korean magazine,,
if i open internet,, my fingers can't stop finding Korean news,,
and also when i was studying,, i remember Korean artists too... (ughh,, stupiiid)

so i may have a commitment! to be better than before!!!
get a high score on exam, get a scholar (GO!GO!GO! ^^v)

That was my hope for new year,,