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Selasa, 29 November 2011

Winner (Pemenang) of Mnet Asia Music Awards 2011 SIngapore

Aku share info tentang pemenang2 di MAMA 2011,, I take this info from my eonni... Hhi.. I hope she didnt angry with me... ^^

^^Para Pemenang 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards^^

Pada 29 November, 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (‘MAMA‘) yang di selenggarkan di Singapore Indoor Stadium, menghadirkan bintang-bintang dan penampilan dari artis Korea dan di seluruh dunia.

Tahun ini, upacara penghargaan mencoba sesuatu yang baru dengan memiliki 20 presenter bukan MC resmi untuk menjadi Host acara ini. Para presenter yang terdiri atas aktor-aktor Korea dan tokoh TV, yang membantu mendistribusikan penghargaan kepada para artis yang menang.
Berikut adalah daftar pemenangnya :

Daesang Award (Grand Prize)

▲ Song of the Year

- 2NE1, “I Am The Best”

▲ Album of the Year

- Super Junior, ‘Mr. Simple’

▲ Artist of the Year



Singer Category

▲ Best New Male Artist Award

Kim Ji Su
Huh Gak <--

▲ Best New Female Artist Award

A Pink <---
Brave Girls
Jang Jae In
Han Groo
Dal Shabet

▲ Male Group Award

Big Bang
Super Junior <---

▲ Female Group Award

Brown Eyed Girls
SNSD <---

▲ Male Singer Award

Kim Bum Soo
Kim Tae Woo
Kim Hyun Joong <---
Sung Si Kyung

▲ Best Female Singer Award (Solo)

Kim Wan Sun
Baek Ji Young <---
Seo In Young


Genre Category

▲ Best Dance Performance – Solo

Kim Hyun Joong – Breakdown
Jay Park – Abandoned
Jang Woo Hyuk – Time Is (L)over
HyunA – Bubble Pop! <---
G.NA – Black & White

▲ Best Dance Performance – Male Group

TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down”
B2ST – “Fiction” <---
Big Bang – “Tonight”
Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”
MBLAQ – “Mona Lisa”
INFINITE – “Be Mine”

▲ Best Dance Performance – Female Group

2NE1 – “I Am The Best” 
4minute – “Mirror Mirror”
miss A – “Goodbye Baby” <---
T-ara – “Roly-Poly”
SECRET – “Shy Boy”
SNSD – “The Boys”

▲ Best Vocal Performance – Solo (Not shown during broadcast)

IU – “Good Day”

▲ Best Vocal Performance – Group

Davichi – “Don’t Say Goodbye”
SISTAR19 – “Ma Boy”
2AM – “You Who Wouldn’t Answer The Phone”
2NE1 – “Lonely” <---
4men – “Once While Living”

▲ Best Band Performance (Not shown during broadcast)

CNBlue – “Intuition”

▲ Best Rap Performance

Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…” <----
Tablo – “Bad”
Mighty Mouth – “Tok Tok”
Clover – “La Vida Loca”
Simon D – “Cheerz”

▲ Best O.S.T.

Baek Ji Young – “That Woman” (Secret Garden O.S.T.) <----
IU – “Someday” (Dream High O.S.T.)
Lim Jae Bum – “Love” (City Hunter O.S.T.)
Taeyeon – “I Love You” (Athena O.S.T.)
Huh Gak – “Don’t Forget Me” (The Greatest Love O.S.T.)


Music Video

▲ Best Music Video (Not shown during broadcast)

Big Bang – “Love Song”



▲ Best Artist (China)

- Jane Zhang

▲ Hottest Asian Artist

- Koda Kumi

▲ Best Asian Artist

- Aziatix

▲ Best Asian Artist (Solo)

- Wei Chen

▲ Singapore’s Choice **Most Popular K-Pop Artist in Singapore**

- Super Junior

▲ Best Style in Music

- Seo In Young

▲ Mnet Specialized Award

- YB

It's great.. because CN BLUE win too.... Keep moving forward, yo~ng...
but I didnt understand what the words "not shown during the show" means.. I don't know...

SNSD win too-while there is Hyu~n there...

2nei win too.. Actually I really love 2nei-lonely from the first time I heard the song...
become a blackjack because of this song.. 
I love when I heard them singing...
A heavy natural voice...
Plus +++ an easy guitar chord to play,, so u can make ur own harmony when u sing this song... lovin it..

2nei-lonely (LIVE)

CN blue intuition...
Well I just wanna introduce you yong and seo hyun snsd banmal song,,, kekeke
Maybe you will like it...
naega nomu nomu nomu nomu johae...
Really miss them.. every yongseo shipper hope there will be SEASON 2 for WGM sweet potato...

Banmal Song (1st record on Youtube) by YongSeo

For Super Junior.. I've already predicted that they will win,.. 
I dont really upset with other result... 


Jumat, 11 November 2011

26th Opening Ceremony SEA GAMES 2011 Jakabaring, Palembang, Indonesia

26th SEA GAMES in Palembang-Jakarta (Indonesia) has been started.
But I was too upset to watched the opening ceremony, beside the rain which came down when Indonesian teams enter the stadium.
I thought in the first hours was really spectacular opening ceremony was held in Indonesia.
But as the minute goes by, the collosal dance ceremony seems unorganized well. I thought the dancer is too nervous so they made many mistakes. For the example, the row was never be in a straight line. Everybody looked just running around the yard. That's too bad, actually the dancer was really danced well as their role. And they have many unique costumes. But maybe they made a little mistakes about the directions. It's just only my opinion. It felt that I wanna cry, I'm afraid they made another mistakes. So during the show, I couldn't stop pray to god, hoping this ceremony will run well.. I was proud of Mr. Andi M, who's still standing to give pidato under the rain and so do the athletes standing behind... (then my tears fall down to see this). I'm asking myself why this could be happened....

This is the moment of opening ceremony in Palembang
part 1

part 2

I was really happy to see the opening ceremony firework... I could see that in front of my house, in the garage actually... (^^). I was really happy till I jump and jump happily to see the fireworks..
I hope the closing ceremony will be better than today and more attractive collosal dance performance...

This ceremony remembering me the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening and closing ceremony. When my Late Dad still alive,,, It was really fun to watch those fantastic ceremony with ur family.. This is a little picture from the ceremony..

That video shows you some photos taken from the ceremony

That was one of the most great part of opening ceremony Beijing I loved, "The moving block"!!! ^^