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Never become Weak. Never Give up!!! [SHINee a-yo]

Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Keep Fighting

Behind this great wall mountain... 
in the name of Allah the most gracious the most mercifull...

Internet,dunia maya. ruang yang berbeda yang mungkin selama kurang lebih dua tahun ini frozen. we could talk anything outside our formal socialities. leaving all the deep pain. The things i used to do, forgottten. ditambah lagi, after that disaster....That Cruel Robber who took my gadget away... I hate that...

Rest inpeace...
for my L5 LG phone

for my asus

for my samsung e 1282

and for my modem

menjadi anggota in-aktif dari dunia maya. bisa dibilang tertinggal semua berita. atau terlambat mengetahui berita.Sudah biasa. at least sejak JANUARI 11th. 

Menangis gak bakal nyelesain masalah.. mencoba untuk ikhlas,,, ikhlas  dan ikhlas,,, mencoba berhemat,,, berhemat,,, dan berhemat,,, maybe other people didnt know how hard i try to minus this and that to make my dreams come true... Get a new phone, could go home in holiday,gather with family thay youlove. just simple, but to do need an extra patient and work to do. 

Patient and Hard work...
Keep fighting,, for all whose gadget is taken by the robber. Let's change our future. Tell the world we could pass it. There's another plan from God to Us

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